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A filling-station cashier simulation game!

Can you manage the cashier's till on the night shift at the fuel station, taking payments and fulfilling orders for fuel, drinks, snacks, lottery tickets, scratchcards and phone top ups?.

Locked-in for your own protection until the sun comes up, grab your name tag and start serving those customers!

Duties include: 

  • Learn how to use the cashier system to ring up items
  • Process cash and card payments
  • Charge for fuel (make sure to choose the correct pump)
  • Zap those "hot snacks" in the microwave (Pasties / Pizza's / Fries)
  • Use the dedicated lottery machine to process tickets and scratchcards
  • Make and serve hot drinks with the coffee pod machine (Coffee / Latte's)
  • Be sure to fetch the correct items from the fridge: (Cola / Orange / Milk / Beer..)
  • Multiple Magazines and Newspapers
  • Various combinations to test and award your memory and speed

Install instructions

The current web build is very limited and not really playable as a game yet, but feel free to check it out (originally a game jam entry), the game has come a long way since and there will be an updated version soon along with a Windows build. 

Checkout the Devlog Page for updates and new features! 


"Pump 3 Please!" - Early Version (HTML5).zip 5 MB

Development log

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